Audit Management System

The audit management system was developed whilst being employed at Business Basics. It uses EXTJS, PHP and MySQL. The website is just a demonstration of the system without real data. The software is owned by QMS.

Student Chat Bot


The chat bot was developed with the goal for helping students. It uses a custom built avatar animated in HTML5 and interacts with a GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) server. The voice is using SAPI5 speech technology, and the phonetics are mapped to the mouth animation.

Tricert Assist

A student project for the Website Development Diploma



Friend software is a social network for finding online gaming friends. It is still being developed though.


Mental Health Support Board

iBleh is a support board for people who want to talk about mental health. I have personally struggled with my mental health in the past and feel that a support board would help others. I have yet to advertise it, but will in the future.



Coffee.Dating is a dating app for people who struggle with mental health and would like to date someone else whom is going through similar struggles as you. I would need to advertise this also, for it to attract more users. I will also in the future recreate this concept soon using a different platform, as the software is a little dated now.

Tattled 2.0 Prototype

Tattled 2.0 Prototype

Tattled is a location based network for the University of Newcastle. It is a work in progress though, not completed. I did the original version for a assignment, and I am currently recreating it.


Project to create a location based social network for the University.

Multiplayer Snake Game

Snake Game

I created a Multiplayer Snake game that uses Java Servlets and Applets. The Java Applets communicate to each other via Servlets, which feeds player data to both connected clients.

The website allows the players to send 'Battle' requests to each other, which will dynamically load them into the game when accepted. Java Applets in modern browsers no longer work unfortunately, so the website doesn't work anymore.

The Elephant and the Balloon

Flash animation, and a game

It consists of a short flash animation, and a game. It was based on the episode of Black Books. Created for a multimedia assignment.

Adobe Flash no longer works unfortunately in modern browsers. I am going to upload the video to youtube.

Information Literacy Sessions

The Library Services Information Literacy Sessions

The Library Services Information Literacy Sessions product is a web based system primarily designed to receive entered statistics about Literacy Sessions undertaken by Library staff members.

Additional features include a graph showing the result of the statistical data collected, and an administration section facilitating modification to the form to ensure future maintainability.

Text File Converter

Built a text file converter program as part of the software development diploma.

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