Code Reprogrammer

Code translation tool from any language to Java

Code Reprogrammer is a Java desktop application that converts code from any language to Java. It supports various AI models for translation and includes a syntax checker to ensure the converted code adheres to Java syntax.

PHP Slim API CRUD Generator

Automates CRUD API creation for PHP Slim

A Java desktop app that generates PHP Slim CRUD APIs and MySQL queries from a connected database. Simplifies API development by automating code generation for selected tables.


eXtensible Virtual ENvironment

XVEN is an interactive fiction platform driven by AI characters and extensible gameplay. It uses websockets for multiplayer exploration in a shared world that can be dynamically modified.

Zone Internet Peer Protocol

A decentralized private internet using IPFS for hosting and sharing encrypted files. Nodes earn tokens for contributing resources. Focuses on running zipped JavaScript apps directly in the browser.

AI-Powered Job Application Assistant

An Android app that uses AI to streamline job applications. It generates personalized cover letters, searches for matching jobs, and will soon be able to auto-apply to listings.


Photo sharing app for Australian campuses

A React app for sharing geotagged photos on interactive campus maps. Uses PHP backend, SVG maps from OpenStreetMap data, and Vite for building.


Location based photo social network

Tattled is a location-based social network where each post must have a photo taken within the app and be tagged with a location. Currently being redeveloped.


Find gaming friends

A social network for finding online gaming friends. Still under development.


Dating website

Coffee.Dating is an online dating platform currently in development.


AI-powered website creator

Website.Live uses artificial intelligence to generate website content. Under construction.

Marketplace for code and assets

An online marketplace for buying and selling programming assets and code snippets. In development.
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